Thursday, 12 April 2007


This is it... my first step out into the world of food blogging.

So I thought for my first ever entry I would delight you all with my Pizza recipe. Its so good that I refuse to eat pizza from anywhere but my own kitchen.

To start off a good Pizza you need a good pizza base. Now before you go down to your local supermarket and purchase a pre made tomato paste topped piece of cardboard why not make it yourself? Its really not that difficult and you can cheat by making it in a breadmaker - I do *smile* But if you are a little lacking in the small appliance area you can do it by hand... and who knows you might just build up some of those arm wrestling muscles so when it comes time to do the usual "who's doing the dishes arm wrestle" you might be in with a chance! Ramblings... on to the recipe. Which I must confess is not actually mine. Its from a book called "Bread" by Sara Lewis. Its an awesome book every recipe can be done either by hand or in the breadmaker so its very versatile and makes it easy to share recipes with friends even if they are sadly without the essential appliance (cue heavenly music) that is the breadmaker.

Pizza Dough

400 grams strong white flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 ¼ teaspoons fast action dried yeast
1 teaspoon caster sugar
3 tablespoons olive oil
200ml water

To Make by Hand:

1. Put the flour into a large bowl then stir in the salt, sugar and yeast. Add the oil then gradually mix in enough warm water to make a soft dough.

2. Knead well on a lightly floured surface for 5 minutes until the dough is smooth and elastic. Put the dough back in to the bowl, cover loosely with oiled cling film and leave in a warm place to rise for 1 hour or until doubled in size.

3. Tip the dough out on to a lightly floured surface, knead well then cut into 4 pieces. Roll each piece into a roughly shaped circle about 20 cm (8 inches) in diameter and transfer to 2 large greased baking sheets. (I used 2 pizza trays that you can find at any supermarket I think they are made by whiltshere).

To make with a breadmaker:

1. Lift the tin out of the bread machine, fit the kneader blade then add the measured cold water and the oil. Spoon in the flour then add the salt and sugar. Make a slight dip in the centre of the flour and sprinkle in the yeast.

2. Insert the tin into the bread machine. Shut the lid and set to dough or pizza dough. Press start.

3. At the end of the programme, lift the tin out of the machine, tip the dough out on to a lightly floured surface and continue as Step 3 "To Make by Hand"

Now although it says to make 4 x 20cm bases I actually make 2 large pizzas using the generic pizza tray you can find in any supermarket (wiltshire makes one). I put the bases on trays then cover with cling film and sit them on the top of the oven (or somewhere warm) whilst the oven preheats (220-250 C).

To top the Pizza:

Baby Spinach Leaves
Bascaiola Pasta Sauce
Pitted Kalamata Olives
Chunks/cubes of Pancetta or Prosciutto (I get the delicatessen to cut me off 2 x 0.5-1 cm thick slices)
Half n Half of Shredded Mozzarella & Tasty

I mix about a tablespoon of Garlic into the jar of Pasta Sauce, then slather it over both bases (I usually have leftovers which can be frozen till next time). Pop your Spinach leaves on however you like and however many you like. Same again with the Olives & Pancetta/Proscuitto. Then top with your cheese. If I'm feeling a bit spesh I'll often slice up some Bocconcini instead of the half n half cheese mix. But there's something to be said for the ease of frozen shredded cheese. But of course if I'm entertaining I'll go the extra mile. Cook in the oven for about 10-20 mins (depending on your oven). Feel free to swap half trays around half way through.

Now you tell me... Does it look good or what?


Kathryn said...

MMM Pizza !!

Adds Pizza to list of "Things for Cai to make me on next trip to Melbourne" ;)

No olives though. :D


Marion said...

Can definitely vouch for this superb pizza. Tasted on our last trip to Melbourne...yummmmmmmm
Love Mum & Dad

Squishy said...

Looks great. Excellent job chick. Keep up the good work.

Cheers Amelita

Amy said...

Oh yum yum YUMMIEEEEE,

I will have mine minus meat and heaps of extra olives PLEASEEEEE.

Thanks for the recipe cant wait to give it a go.

Danni said...

Wasn't it you who had the "food bank" idea for new mums?

Well.....That looks so good!!! hehehe